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How to master Merge Requests

Learn how to effectively review and merge code changes with these tips and best practices for mastering merge requests and pull requests.

SolidJS, the solution to build performant Web application !

In this article we will see which performance provide SolidJS, how it provides it. What are the complexities of using it in a system at scale and what solutions the micro-frontends offer us to overcome these complexities.

Memory Leak In Angular - Observable

In Angular, there's a powerful object called Observable. This article will help you to avoid one of the biggest usage mistakes in your code: memory leaks.

Docker everything!

Use Docker and Docker Compose even in development environment to improve Developer experience and streamline development workflow

Easily Create and Deploy a Spring Boot API Using AWS

Easily Create and Deploy a Spring Boot API Using AWS ! By the end of the tutorial, we will have a deployed API with the 4 endpoints of a CRUD API.

Tips for automating your GitHub release creation

Get constant feedback for your software product and the changes that you deliver by making your GitHub release creation as seamless as possible.

Build a real-time Todo App in 30 minutes with ReactJS, TypeScript and Firebase

Learn how to build and deploy a real-time todo list application using React, Typescript and Firebase. Go further with automatic Continuous Deployment.

Adding Payments to your Web Application: An Introduction to Stripe Integration

This article explains how to accept payments easily in your web application by using the Stripe API. The tutorial source code is available on Github.

Hunt The Bugs With Mutation Testing

In that article, you will learn what is mutation testing and how to use it with Pitest. Then, I will share my journey of bug detection on a real project.