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Time To Market : weeks

"You deliver fast, probably even faster than I expected. I will be able to apply the agile methodology at Socotec, thanks to the tools I saw in use at Sipios."

Ophélie Vincendon, BIM project manager




The challenge

Socotec is the French leader for construction control. The company started digitising technical controls by offering BIM management services. The objective is to sign 100 new BIM projects and prevail on the market. To that extent, the challenge was to replace 85% of all PDF technical control by digital reports, while maintaining optimal traceability of each step of the process for insurers.  

The solution

An app locking the digital models and the technical control notices in the Ethereum public blockchain, guaranteeing traceability and immutability for each action and piece of data. The app interfaces with a digital platform for BIM technical control and with an augmented reality app to promote collaborative work by offering comments and views to the project's stakeholders.

Key figures

150 000

reports per month


savings in paper storage


tons of paper to scan

Deliver an app in the Ethereum blockchain within 4 weeks


Build trust with the blockchain

Every technical control involves several actors with diverging objectives : architects, subject mastery and technical controllers. Using the blockchain to immutably track each event allows insurers to know who did what at any given point in time. 


Control the blockchain costs

We relied on the Ethereum blockchain to secure the technical control notices. To free ourselves from the market fluctuation on the gas price, we set up a queueing system which allow the push of the data in the blockchain when the gas price decreases bellow a certain threshold. 


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