Candriam Robo Investment Simulator

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"I'm managing the product launch. I need to synthesize the needs of our customers, the regulator requirements and our very high security standards.

With the Sipios teams, we found the technical and product solutions that met these expectations , in compliance with MIFID2 and GDPR. And they implement feedback in less than a week !"

Fabrice Sauzeau, Product Owner 




The challenge

Increase Candriam's assets under management by developing a sales support tool for its distributors. This robo-investor offers private advisors advice and strategies for optimizing customer portfolios. The challenge for Candriam : to position itself as a privileged partner and increase the performance for each customer.




The solution

A robo-advisor that allows the advisors to manage the customer's portfolio from a dashboard and to generate simulations of personalized investments that take the evolution of the market into account as well as their preferences.

Key figures


SRI funds available in the simulator


tools for simulation and visualization of portfolios for customers


to generate a recommendation and a simulation in the future

Design a plug-and-play Robo Investor for Candriam's customers


A strong business expertise

The 2 key points for a successful conception are the implication

  • of the marketing and sales team of a pilot customer since the beginning of the project and the integration of their feedback as the MVP is being developed
  • of Candriam's managers for the conception of the algorithm and the improvement of its performances

An easy deployment

The MVP was designed to be make its adoption trivial by Candriam's customers. The interface is customizable and the APIs were pentested to make sure of their conformity with the security and performance standards of Candriam's IT.


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