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"Sipios were truly willing to adapt to our constraints : to code in R and to technically train the Product Owner. They are capable of adapting to a totally atypical project framework with a method both standardized and rigorous."

Mathilde Michel, Head of Claims Operations




The challenge

GAN provides insurance for 1.5 million customers in France.

The managers of the indemnification service of the insurance firm have the duty to recover the amount of compensation paid to their customer from the person responsible for the damage or his insurer. The company receives each week 140 new litigation files, each representing several thousands of euros and needing to be processed 10 min by a manager.

The solution

We developed a robot using R that reduces the processing time for a litigation file from 10 minutes to 30 seconds by scrapping the document's data to automatically generate the dunning mail.

Key figures


litigation files to process each month


to recover for indemnification per month


hours of process to automate

GAN teams fully autonomous at the end of the project


Train the GAN teams

We used programming languages mastered by the operational staff to develop the robot so that the GAN teams may work on it in the future. The three key points:

  • The code development in pair-programming with the Product Owner to increase his skills
  • The development of reusable bricks
  • The training of managers to use the robot

Automate while leaving the decision-making to the operational staff

In the design phase, we detected the manual, time-consuming and tedious tasks for the operational staff. The stake was to keep the decision-making fully manual in order to guarantee the absence of errors and let the operational staff have complete authority over the process.


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