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Time To Market : 4 weeks

"I was not familiar with this type of project, I am rather impressed by the deployment speed in view of your limited knowledge of our profession. I appreciate the global view. I did not know it would be possible."

Cindy Piau, Indemnification team Manager





The challenge

The recourse process between insurers determines the insurance responsible for the compensation of a claim. The processing time of each file took 48 hours. GAN had 7000 files late to process, representing 2 million euros of uncollected compensation.


The solution

We developed a robot to automate the treatment process for these claims files.

The key points:

  • Automating the 5 steps of the process
  • No errors in the file processing
  • Giving visibility on the progress of file processing to managers
  • Training the teams to be ready to take over the robot's code once our team's intervention is over

Key figures


late files to process


per month to recover in compensation


saved the first year

Deploy a robot in 4 weeks that reduces the appeal process time from 48 hours to 20 minutes


Process 100% of the claims on schedule for an insurance leader

Today, GAN managers manually enter the information received on pre-recorded DAB and auto in their tool, Oasis.

This process is a source of mistakes and time and productivity loss for the GAN managers:

  • This activity is not their core business: brings little value (re entry of information)
  • Information re-entry generates risks
  • Managers receive 500 new files to process daily

Iteration speed to deploy the robot in 4 weeks

In order to develop the robot in less than 4 weeks, the team connected to an existing tool on a new stack that was adopted in 1 week. Then, to accelerate the scrapping of data, pair programming developments enabled a rapid rise in the skills of internal GAN teams.

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