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We are experts in Spring Boot and its newest ecosystem : Java 11, Hibernate, Liquidbase and Spring Security

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Our group cumulates 10 years of experience in API development. Thanks to our knowledge of the newest Spring Boot ecosystem, we deploy complex apps and APIs in production within 8 weeks in any banking IT infrastructure.

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Why Spring Boot ?

Spring Boot made Java attracting again for developers by :

  • Reducing JEE verbosity to a minimum using relevant default configuration choices
  • Enhancing development experience  using live reload and Maven/Gradle commands to launch the app within seconds
  • Enhancing deployment experience by bundling the whole app into a unique Fat Jar : developers can deliver apps in a DevOps fashion
  • Exploiting Java 11 power to enhance performances while keeping the code short​

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Parallelising HTTP calls in the context of a Spring Boot app can save a significant impact , especially in a microservice architecture.

Standardising logs to make debugging faster

Using MDC in a Boot Spring app adds information to each logged line, easing the job for tech teams.

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Sipios is part of the M33 Start-up studio. We design digital products from the needs of the end-users and use the latest technologies to develop them in record time. Our focus is the impact on the business.

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