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Our group cumulates 5 years of experience using React.js. Our experts team includes an international speaker and an organizer from the French meetup group centred on Progressive Web Apps

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Our specialties

Responsive apps
We develop responsive and user-friendly apps providing optimal user experience regardless of the screen size
PWA et Offline
PWA and Offline
We organize the Progressive Web Apps meetup. We were speakers at the biggest React conference on offline apps.
Reusable components
We develop components following a specified graphic charter, accelerating the release of new user interfaces.
ab testing
A/B Testing
We use A/B Testing libraries in order to converge towards the best possible version of an interface and improve the conversion rate

Why choose React ?

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React.js is the JavaScript framework created by Facebook.  Its component-based logic allows the creation of performing web apps. It's been adopted by Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix and Airbnb.

In 2019, the study from StackOverflow shows React is the world's most popular web framework, highly improving the attractiveness for recruiting in tech teams. 

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Sipios is part of the M33 Start-up studio. We design digital products from the needs of the end-users and use the latest technologies to develop them in record time. Our focus is the impact on the business.

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