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Kotlin is the new Java for finance

Interfaceable with Java, Kotlin is the only language combining stability, compatibility with banking IT systems, and a strong popularity among developers : it is the 4th favourite language among developers in 2019, according to StackOverflow.

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less NullPointerException


less verbose compared to Java


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Why Kotlin ?

Compared to Java, Kotlin offers advantages in terms of quality, productivity and attractiveness, while staying fully compatible with the Java ecosystem and existing IT systems  :
  • It reduces the amount of bugs by avoiding the NullPointerException and introducing nullable and non nullable variables. Pinterest dropped the number of exceptions by 40% by migrating their Android app from Java to Kotlin
  • It enhances development speed by reducing Java verbosity between 25% and 35%
  • It attracts talents by standing at the  4th position of the most popular language among developers, when Java is the 18th
  • It can coexist with Java files and ecosystems, mainstream IDEs even allowing code conversion from Java to Kotlin

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