Fintech Applications Conception

We accompany you in designing the product that will enable you to reach your revenue objectives or to solve your productivity issues.

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Our fintech applications designing team

Céleste Dhellemmes

Head of Product Expert Team

Our method for designing fintech applications

1- A fieldwork conception

We meet with and question the potential users of your product to understand their preferences and highlight the key features.

Our method

  • Creation of a field guide to conduct the interviews and test the product hypotheses
  • 30 minute user tests with 5 people per target user

2 - A differentiating conception

We prioritize identified key functionalities and create wireframes for each of these EPICS in order to highlight the key features of differences and help you design the best possible product.

Our method

  • Creation of user journeys taking into account the user's main pain points
  • Prioritization of identified different Macro functionalities
  • Production of wireframes and screens for each of the prioritized functionalities

3 - A business-oriented design

We help you create and shape your business plan while including the investments, the revenue generated by your product, and the productivity gains.

Our method

  • Analysis of your business plan, of your revenue objectives and of the productivity issues you wish to resolve
  • Formulation of the hypotheses on the expected gain with your product and of the necessary investments to reach it

Our Conception Sprint

Our Conception Business Cases

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