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We design and develop high impact, scalable products with our fintech customers in a record time.

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MVP at Scale

Popularized by the emergence of startups, the MVP strategy consists in developing and quickly launching a complete product.

Our MVP at Scale also include the latest standards of security, code quality, and performance. They are imagined as capable of evolving since the very first day and able to support the growth of your fintech !

Our MVP development strategy

1. A Complete MVP

Our customers are proud to show their MVPs. Rather than propose a degraded version of a product, our MVPs offer optimal experiences on a frugal, functional field.

Our strategy

  • Include the customer in the team
  • Create multidisciplinary teams (product, UX, tech)

2. A Differentiating MVP

The MVP is the answer to a strategic problem and validates the market fit of your product with your targeted customers.

Our strategy

  • Identify key KPIs
  • Observe the users in situation
  • Deduce THE differentiating feature around which the product must be built

3. An Agile MVP

Flexible, our MVPs are developed to quickly adapt to user feedbacks and give the possibility to refine the product.

Our strategy

  • Bring into production starting the third week
  • Adopt a low-code strategy to solely implement business intelligence
  • Choose a unique decision maker on the customer side to decide quickly: the product owner

4. An Evolving MVP

The chosen technologies and architecture guarantee a modular technical foundation consistent with your IT.

Our strategy

  • Choose a sponsor tech who will ensure compliance with the customer's IT
  • Use open source technologies of reference
  • Design an architecture allowing you to add new bricks

Our best MVP at Scale

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Sipios is part of the M33 Start-up studio. We design digital products from the needs of the end-users and use the latest technologies to develop them in record time. Our focus is the impact on the business.

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