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Enhance your customers' journey with a 100% customisable onboarding to increase your conversion rate and simplify you KYC process


Let's simplify my customers' onboarding

Increase your offer turnover by 9%

On average, the KYC onboarding process for customers in the financial sector lasts 12 weeks. It is often manual and remains very complex.
Yet, the collection phase defines the customer relationship and trust in the company.
According to a McKinsey study, a 3% turnover increase can be correlated to every 1-point increase in the customer satisfaction grade (NPS) out of 10 on the onboarding process. Hence a 9% increase in revenues for going from 5 to 8 / 10 !

Our "Fintech Onboarding" product

100% integrated to your IT

Editors for KYC and onboarding products are usually SaaS and not IT-approved.
Our on premise approach uses a code generator. It makes sure your customers' data and your code stays exclusively in your servers.
5 minutes

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