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Et si on lançait rapidement un produit de qualité tout en scalant son organisation ?

Utiliser la loi de Conway et mettre en place les bonnes équipes pour réussir à lancer en 10 semaines un produit viable dans un contexte d'hypercroissance : le challenge relevé par

'Banking is necessary, but banks are not'. Are banks outdated in 2021?

Money 2020 follow up on the topic : Are banks outdated in 2021. This is discuss around the quote of Bill Gates Banking is necessary, but banks are not.

How to succeed as a Fintech: tales from Amsterdam

Money 20/20 Amsterdam taught us the keys to success in the Fintech industry: focus on tech, target a community and master identity verification.

Should banks open the gates or hold the door?

The combination of Covid-19 crisis and low interest rates is a strong incentive for banks to think about new sources of revenue and new ways to answer their customers' changing needs. Some (actually most of) incumbents partner with FinTechs to pave the way for new business models, benefit from innovative technologies, and inspire themselves from new ways of working. Others are tempted to build walls to protect their assets from these challengers that have the agility and speed they're trying to recover.

Making payment an outstanding moment for your users

Payment is often a stressful and boring step of our user experience when buying a good or a service. How tech leaders turn this crucial step from a moment of transaction into a relationship ?

5 Key Challenges for the Money(s) of Tomorrow

After centuries dominated by the holly dollar in cash, cryptocurrencies are shaking up the currency hierarchy. New currencies are emerging day after day, making it difficult to understand what differentiates them and which ones will play an important role in the future

Is cash dead already?

For sure the combination of covid-19 crisis and growth of electronic payments tend to make cash pass for dead, but what about it really? Our venue at Money2020 helped us gather some answers on what to expect from the payment world in the next few years. Key learnings:

Two User Research mistakes that will sink your product

People tend to think User Research is just a matter of talking to customers. It's actually much more complicated. Here are two classic mistakes even Product Experts make and a way to avoid them.

How to build intrinsically inclusive products in Fintech?

Historical actors in the industry offer standardized financial services and often do not address the specific needs of minorities, thus making it more difficult for them to access finance services